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Discover The Proven System That Relieves Incontinence and Pelvic Pain
Kegels, Pads, or Procedures

Live Workshop 
Sat., Jan., 20th at 10 AM

Hosted by Superior Physical Therapy
Brittney Capiello, MSPT, FAFS
Pelvic Floor Experts

Brittney Cappiello, MPT Physical Therapist
Pelvic Floor Specialist

The My Core Floor video/online program was created by Brittney out of her passion for improving the lives of women.

Free Workshop Reveals the Step by Step Process to Relieving Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions Naturally...
What You're Going To Discover By Attending...
  • The Top Strategies to Address Leaking Urine, Urinary Frequency, Urinary Urgency, Pain with Intimacy, Pelvic Pain, Chronic Constipation, Pelvic Pressure or Prolapse
  • How to get Incontinence relief even if you've been told it's normal
  • How to create an exercise routine that will strengthen your pelvic floor and eliminate your symptoms
  • Be able to laugh, cough, sneeze and move again without being worried about leakage
  • Why traditional treatments, like kegel, often times don't work and what to try next
            Who Is This Free Workshop For?
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We allow limited seating per workshop. They fill up every time we offer this workshop so if you have interest don't want to long to register.  
  • You Want to be the person who relieves pelvic floor dysfunction in a non-invasive way---avoiding medications, surgeries, pads, and kegels
  • You want to be able to laugh again at jokes without leakage
  • You don't want to have to tie your shirt around your waste when you walk or run
  • You want to be able to be intimate without pain
  • You know it's not normal to be leaking urine
  • YOu have a strong desire to learn what you can do to take control of your health
What Others Had To Say...
Pelvic pain led to a nearly nonexistent sex life with my husband for many years. I learned about My Core Floor and am happy to say we are finally enjoying an active and fulfilling sex life again"
- 45 year old mother of 3 children
 joined My Core Floor after the birth of my son and it gave me the tools to prevent and improve my body so I didn't have to live with incontinence. Running is my sport and my sanity so having to face incontinence when I was doing something that I loved was hard for me. After finishing 3 months of My Core Floor, I noticed the improvement and can practice my own homework to keep healthy and strong"
- 37 year old HR Director and mother of 2 children
Working with Brittney has changed my life. I can now leave the house without extra clothing. I never believed in such a short period of time that a problem I have had for 10 years would disappear. I feel absolutely free!!
- 39 year old mother of 3, runner and exercise enthusiast
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